whey protein protein powder facts

whey protein protein powder facts

Whey Protein Powder Cheap Right Now

Right now, there are a number of large brands of Whey Protein at very low prices, indeed, the biggest and most famous products are Whey Protein’s Grand seller, as well as dietary supplements in general, Whey 80 Protein Powder from Vassle Protein Concentrate WPC.

on the market for Whey Protein and billigt vassle protein Powder is now sold at between 20 to 50% off. So just take care to bump up all the fantasies of Whey Vassle protein in this country. We believe our readers will find the dietary supplements themselves, so we will not try to link as fair as possible of the Whey Protein brand.


Whey 80 Protein Powder

Whey-80 Now sold with a discount of 38% according to the seller’s website.

Ingredients Natural: whey protein concentrate [milk] (contains soy lecithin emulsifier). Note that both amino acid profiles as well as nutritional values ​​change slightly due to the flavors and additives that may be needed in connection with them to create a stable product.

The same seller also has another big selling whey protein at 40% discount, Whey Protein of Isolat type

Whey 100 Protein Powder

Whey 100 is another of the protein powders which are sold in quantities.

Ingredients All tastes: Instant Cross Flow Micro and Ultrafiltered whey protein isolate, emulsifying agent (Soya lecithin), Cocoa1, Sweetener (Aspartame contains phenylalanine source), Dye (Redwood red) 2. Contains varies naturally because of taste and therefore also flavors.

Whey Protein Powder Casein Protein

Whey Protein Whey Protein Powder from another major dietary supporter’s manufacturer is not far behind when it comes to discounts on just whey protein Facts are that their Whey Protein and Protein Powder Discounts from Kasein are higher – up to 50%

Whey Protein Powder Casein Protein

and everything seems to be in stock so it’s just a good idea to pack up for those who understand the benefits of Vassleprotein Whey and can afford to give themselves a small layer of good Whey Protein for the future’s workout with muscle boost that requires recovery.

Finally, the highest protein protein powder we found right now at the end of February 2015 – An organic protein with both Whey and Casein with very good world as Protein powder.

Nutritional content per 100 g
Protein Powder Organic Whey – Casein Protein

Energy 1537 kJ / 366 kcal
-of saturated fat 2 g
0.8 g
-of sugars1 5 g